Borqs Customized Android + for IVI
BORQS IVI stands out from the competition for it’s complete solution as a pre-market infotainment system. We have successfully delivered a complete solution – head unit with customized UI and functionality, secure protocols, data encryption and managed cloud services through BORQS Managed Cloud.
  • Gesture control
  • Wireless charging
  • Vehicle travelling data recorder
  • Parking assist
  • Collision warning
  • Multi-screen interaction
  • Wi-Fi and BT support
  • Remote alarm
  • Voice control
  • Vehicle anti-theft
  • 360 degree panoramic reverse
  • CAN-Bus and car sensors
  • The app store

In-vehicle Mobile Integration
Seamless connectivity of your smart device with car’s infotainment system.

Wi-Fi / BT support

Voice & Gesture control

App Store

Device mirroring

Remote engine start

Collision notification

Multimedia share

Vehicle travel data records