Jiang Lin
In February 2008 I joined Borqs as a member of the Testing Team. I have since gained a lot of great working experience, improved my professional skills, and, most notably, become pregnant. During my pregnancy, there has been an outpouring of care, support and assistance from my coworkers – they have truly been like a second family to me. BORQS has treated me like a family member, and I know that together we will continue to make great achievements in the days to come.
Sunny Sun
I’ve been witnessing BORQS’ growth for some time now from the vantage of the HR and Administration Department. Not only has the company grown by leaps and bounds while I’ve been here, but I have had outstanding opportunities for personal career development as well. I started as an Admin Supervisor, working with my manager and colleagues for three years before more recently being promoted to HR Manager. I am currently in charge of recruitment and employee relations, as well as some other administrative duties. My career path with the company is just one example of the phenomenal career development that BORQS offers to all of its employees. The thought and attention that BORQS gives to each of its employee’s needs is a major reason why I am especially proud to be a part of the BORQS family.