Total Rewards
Borqs’ Total Reward compensation plan is designed to attract, retain, motivate and reward our employees and help them get the most out of their careers and personal lives.
Compensation includes
  • Salary
  • Allowances
  • Incentive program: To drive our high-performance culture, a well-designed and integrated incentive program has been implemented to motivate our employees and increase both individual and organizational performance. It includes an Annual performance bonus, Project incentives, Sales incentives and other customized short-term and long-term incentive plans that provide greater rewards for extraordinary performance.
  • Cash awards
  • Stock options
Other forms of compensation and benefits include:
  • Holiday, Vacations, and other paid leaves
  • Social insurance (depends on work location and country)
  • Supplementary medical insurance and life insurance (for employees and dependents)
  • Individual Development Program (IDP)for high-potential employees
  • Training and Education Assistance Program
  • Work-life balance program, providing more flexible working schedules for eligible employees
Commit to our model of excellence and you absolutely will have the opportunity to join the ranks of the top-paid talent in the marketplace.